In order to make a rewarding tattoo experience as much for my customers as me, I must explain the way in which I accomplish my job. All my works are exclusive. They are designed for each person, integrating into them the identity of the customer coupled with my personal style.

Therefore, every tattoo will show the personality and experiences of each one, considering that, in my opinion, we all are unique and different of each other. Even the same feeling will have been felt in a different way by every individual. So, to define a design, will be necessary that you put your trust in me, telling me your experiences and feelings.

If you do it, you could be proud of telling that BAJO LA PIEL you are carrying a tattoo that is only yours.

Finally, if you decide we will work together, contact me by email (, Facebook(, or in my website ( 

It would be necessary that you send me a letter telling me what is that you want to carry Bajo la Piel, and, more important than this, the reason why you want it. The more details you add (even if you think that there is no relate with the main idea of the tattoo), the more exclusive and personal.